go make it Let’s meet in the Annual Conference in Thessaloniki!

The ERIAFF conference of 2022 will be organized at the Region of Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Towards Sustainable Agri-Food and Forestry Systems

We are extremely glad to announce that the 8th ERIAFF Annual Conference is taking place from 14 to 16 June 2022 in Thessaloniki, after 3 years since the last ERIAFF Conference in Florence.

14 June

Opening, EIT FOOD session, Political event, Project & Good practices presentations

15 June

Working Groups

16 June

Results of Working Groups and Study Visits


The programme foresees a political opening session, when it will be a good moment to share our visions on the achievements and future of our collaboration in the ERIAFF Network.

Moreover, the agenda offers a number of activities organized in collaboration with the lead partners of ERIAFF Working Groups and European Inivitatives and projects, including study visits on June, 16.

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